Save A Life Experiment

  1. Walk Daily
  2. Drink More Water
  3. Eat a Plant Based Diet

This is the SECRET! Get to your balanced weight, live a healthier life, reduce Climate Change, these are the basics!

When you shift to a vegan diet, that’s plant based in more friendly terms, a series of changes happens in your life, how you experience (your senses) and what you feel evolves. I’m not saying all of it is good or bad, I am noting the changes are real and vibrant!

My motivation to shift my diet started with a bad cholesterol level, over 300! I was sick, in more ways than one, and my body was signaling it couldn’t process the amount of cholesterol I was eating. I finished the turkey soup I was eating and committed to shifting my diet, little did I know I was changing my entire life.

If you think you can’t stop eating cheese or burgers, that’s your mind playing tricks on you. Feeling good is addictive. When you eat a plant based diet your energy changes, your body lightens and you feel it all. Start today.

One of the secrets is to identify your food weakness and create substitutes. If you love a latte every day, figure out if Oat Milk is a good substitute or whether you need almond milk or soy milk. I LOVE Dark Chocolate, there is a steady supply of Chocolate Chips flowing around me constantly. Be intentional with your choices.

Yes, I eat Sushi regularly! An Avocado Roll or Eggplant Roll or 3 is my favorite order! It is the process and who I am eating with that makes Sushi so enjoyable for me. Experiment!

This is just the start! More tips will be added, more secrets revealed, making it easy for you to shift to a plant based diet!!!!

Why Walk?

  • It’s Free.
  • You Will Feel Better.
  • Burns Calories.
  • Promotes Thinking.
  • Increases your blood flow.
  • Metaphor, you are in motion, anything is possible.
  • It’s a Meditation.

Part of my meditation these days is baking, you can find out more here, Knead For Peace.