The art of slowing down: Tea

Every few years I quit drinking coffee in an effort to reduce my dairy and sugar consumption. Drinking tea is a strangely satisfying substitute. Eric Grower at Breakaway Matcha is a believer in the ceremony of drinking tea, the process of making the tea is equally important to serving the tea.

Holly at Black Rabbit Trading Company is a source for interesting teas such as “Black Shade” and “Green Chai,” including the tea pot in the picture below. Part of me enjoys the search for interesting and different teas, bringing forth new flavors and experiences with each cup.

What has been missing for me? The conversation. I tend to drink my tea while working or commuting or reading. The slowing down, sipping, listening, thinking, talking…the essence of “tea time.” Tea has not been a social experience for me. That has to change. Tea time, hit me up.

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