We all know the joke, when life brings you lemons, find a friend with Vodka (ok we all know the joke now). If you are looking at your business this year and want to increase relevant traffic to your business and website, a great solution is Google My Business. Download the mobile app to your phone and get it set up and integrated with your web analytics. This takes about 5 minutes, occasionally includes light cursing and fist pumping.

Basically, we are setting up a blog that is optimized for search and easy to post to. When you get this process streamlined it will add 2 minutes or less to your marketing efforts daily and provide significant impact to your search engine optimization. This is the least effort you can put in for the most reward, busy people rejoice and find friends with vodka!

The Google My Business app will show you insights into your search and the actions taken by people looking for you. Above is a screen shot of the “actions” from last month. The insights are easy to read and practical to your business. I notice when my percentages drop and see a direct correlation to how much content I post. The goal is to make it easier for people to find you on Google.

3 Tips To Improve Your SEO Using Google My Business

  1. Post Every Single Day. The world changed in 2000 when the tech bubble popped, we discovered that Americans are incredibly productive and with the benefits of technology efficient. I know you deserve your days off, unfortunately the internet is open 24/7/365. If posting on the weekend is too much for you, commit to 5 days a week. Consistency is key, if you open the app once a month to post, your results will reflect your activity.
  2. Pictures. Yes, including a picture will increase the “visibility” of your post and what shows up in search. You can take amazing photos with your iPhone, an easy example is the image of lemons on this post, this picture took 1 min to take and prepare for the post. There are plenty of iphone tutorials on the Apple web site and YouTube. Google My Business has light filters built in to make your photos better or at least different. Add a relevant or inspiring picture to every post! You don’t have to be a photoshop pro or a National Geographic photographer to take and share quality engaging photos!
  3. Same Content All Platforms. Do NOT Reinvent The Wheel! Share the same image on Instagram, Facebook, Blog, Google My Business – with the same text. I tend to write the text in one platform, copy and paste it to each platform with slight modifications as appropriate. This is the key to effective time management and consistency. It must be easy to do and you can’t think about it, as Nike says “Just Do It.” I will change the filter on the image, use a B&W image on some platforms and color on others, easy small differences that will keep your content distribution fresh and ubiquitous. Developing a good process is critical to your success. I take pictures on my iPhone regularly and edit them lightly in PSExpress on my phone, write short posts that provide enough information without wearing down the reader (this is a very long post for me) and use relevant key words within the text. Yes, you should change the voice to match the platform and use hashtags when appropriate. Your process must be simple.

We all have the same stumbling blocks, it is ok that you don’t know what you are doing or can’t fully understand how to create a post on Google My Business, start today. Your metrics at the end of the year will be positively effected by the work you start doing now. Google My Business isn’t the only solution, you can effectively do this with your own blog. If you can post in both places, you increase the chance of being found. Look for some lemons, find some friends, increase your SEO with this technique.

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  1. Nice Jamie. I’m going to enjoy your blog and as I am sure you know, you are talking my language in starting it. Thankyou for the inspiration. As always.

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