Good Habits Start Now

New Year and a New Opportunity to create positive habits. Our habits determine the quality of our life. Our habits determine our happiness. The image below contains the symbol for happiness, this image was all over Vietnam, a constant reminder.

Here are 3 tips for creating positive habits in your life.

  1. Consistency – whether you do something once a week or every day, be consistent in your time and day. This will reduce conflicts and excuses, put it on your calendar and it becomes official.
  2. Be Realistic – differentiate between goals and habits, your goals don’t need to be realistic to happen, your habits must be! If you can’t wake up before 7, forget about the 6am yoga class. If you have an hour commute every day, listening to podcasts may be habit forming.
  3. Speak Up – share what you are doing with friends, neighbors, co-workers and social media. You will find support when you need it, inspiration and advice to develop your habits.

As someone who grew up with a father in AA, I have always been aware of the power of addiction. I choose to see it as habit and with intention create positive habits. If I can get myself to do anything 3x, it is fully at risk of “becoming a habit.” I have to be careful and conscious with my habits, as do all of us. This is the time of year to create new positive habits, I am starting with basics like diet and exercise and to do lists. Get clear about your habits and make them positive! Happiness is one positive habit away.

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