Forget Your Fear

I headed down to the Stanford campus last night to hear a panel speak about Stable Coin, BlockChain based crypto currency, backed by currency. It was inspiring to hear the panel discuss their companies and the evolution of BlockChain. The companies presenting included Reserve, Maker Dao and TrustToken.

The hour discussion flew by as my brain worked overtime to parse what I have learned about BlockChain into the practical applications of a stable currency. I have lots of questions, but wasn’t ready to ask them. The combination of “expensive looking adults” and youthful nerd power kept me silent, listening to the questions as much as the answers.

When the panel finished, some people quickly left (heading to the Stanford basketball game, I am sure) and some gravitated right to the presenters to chat and connect. I hovered on the outside listening to 3 different conversations at once and some guy talking about his vacation, the gentle rumble of conversation was overwhelming. The extroverted introvert in me was confused, there were small groups and anybody could join them. I resisted, feeling the invisible wall holding me in silence.

As I was listening to the voices blend into a murmur, my discomfort continued to grow. Why was I being resistant? Was it Fear? No, it wasn’t fear. I really really had to pee. The discomfort was a swollen bladder. I remembered the urgency of parking with the lot filling up due to the basketball game next door, rushing past the bathroom wondering if I should stop and be late, or choose to be on time. An hour later, as I questioned my choices, I hobbled to the bathroom, “relieved.”

My thinking for the night, inspired by the panels discussion, has been on the words Trusted and Trustless. Why do we do transactions with people we don’t trust and what level of transparency is necessary from BlockChain companies to create Trust? No easy answers…just thoughts.

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